Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pre-Order Country Stitches Limited Edition Thimble Purses Today!

GREAT NEWS!!!  We just found out that we are going to be carrying the Thimble Purses from Country Stitches! 

We are getting a very limited number of each of the designs, so make sure you call and pre-order today!  They won't be available for shipment for about 6 weeks, as Brenda is waiting for the purse frames to come in.  These are LIMITED EDITION and won't be available after we sell out of our stock!

School Girl Sampler Thimble Purse- LIMITED EDITION w/purse frame
Retail $26.00

Birds & Berries Thimble Purse - LIMITED EDITION w/purse frame
Retail $26.00

Home Sweet Home Thimble Purse - LIMITED EDITION KIT w/ purse frame
Retail $26.00

Quaker Sampler Thimble Purse - LIMITED EDITION KIT w/ purse frame
Retail $26.00

Tree of Life Thimble Purse - LITMITED EDITION KIT w/purse frame
Retail $26.00

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