Monday, December 17, 2012

Santa Claus is Coming To Town

We focused on family this weekend, and I spent as much time as possible hugging, and kissing my babies.  My daughter Hannah is 9 years old, and my son Logan is 5 years old. 

The man in the middle is someone very special to me!  Yes, my Dad (Dave Stott - the owner of Norden Crafts) is Santa's Helper!  He makes a couple appearances throughout the Christmas Season, and yesterday he made an appearance at my husbands frozen yogurt store.  So of course, we took our kiddos there to visit him. 

All morning I had to keep telling them "Now when you see Papa, what do you call him?"  They would reply with "Santa" (in a of course Mom type of voice)......and then who slipped and called him Dad twice....yep this girl.  Oops!  Both of my kids were right on point in telling me I did exactly what I told them not to do.  I learned my lesson, that's for sure!

Happy Holidays to all, and give your loved ones extra hugs and kisses this season. 

Katy Fong

Santa and his grandkids - Hannah (9 years old) & Logan (5 years old) 

They love their Santa Helper

Logan couldn't stop rubbing Santa's coat

Santa and his Grandboys! Jackson on the left (4 years old), and Logan on the right (5 years old)

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  1. Lovely pictures. How cool to be related to one of Santa's helpers lol xxx