Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Linen 101 & Trivia Contest!

We are re-introducing a segment of our monthly newsletters that people seemed to really enjoy.  It's called LINEN 101, and these posts will have a lesson about linen, and each week there will be a new lesson. 

Where did it come from and how old is this stuff?

* Mummies wrapped in shrouds have been found in Egyptian tombs dating from more than 5,000 years B.C.

* Wall drawings dated 2400-2200 B.C. depict the cultivation of flax.

* Linen is mentioned in the Bible as a noble and valuable product.

* Chackmagne (A.D. 768-814)  played a major role in the revival of flax.

* It was decreed in 884 A.D that all women including Princesses, should learn the arts of spinning and weaving.

* During the 12th century flax cultivation thrived in France and Germany.

* Flanders a country existing in areas of France & Belgium became the centre of the flax industry and went through a period od extraordinary prosperity followed by a deep crisis...More on the crisis next time!

Above information available in: Flax in Flanders Throughout The Centuries By: Bert DeWilde


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There Are Many Benefits To using Judy's Boo Boo Stick
  1. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome sufferers are relieved of the stress of the "pinching" motion of picking threads.
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  3. There is no damage to the face of the fabric.
  4. The alignment of fiber threads are not disturbed.

How many items do we carry that have the word "PUMPKIN/PUNKIN/PUMPKINS" in the name of the item?  Choose your best guess!

A. 504
B. 343
C. 265
D. 685

Just comment below, and if you are right I will comment back!


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    1. You win! Wow, that didn't take long! Please send an email to with your name, and address - I will send your Boo Boo Stick out to you tomorrow!

  2. "I say C."
    Diane Grick
    Silver Creek Samplers

  3. Congratulations Inspired Stitcher - you were really fast on the draw!


  4. I looked to the table next to my chair yesterday - where I thought my BooBoo was and almost panicked! It wasn't in the frog with the scissors... but luckily I had moved it into another resting place.
    Whew! You will enjoy it, Inspired Stitcher!