Friday, May 25, 2012

Sharing a Few Pics from around Norden -

Our Weeks Dye Works Floss Wall - the boxes underneath the peg hooks house all of the overstock from the pegs.  The longer hang tag that you see on the peg, indicates that we have overstock of that particular color.

Zweigart Fabric - just a small portion of what we have in stock.

Charts/Patterns - we have these seperated by designer, and there are 19 rows that look like this one, and they are all FULL!!!

This is the ever popular "Backorder Rack".  Most of our customers know the term "the rack" - this is it!  We have 4 of these set up, and it's purpose is to house the items for our customers that have them on backorder as they come back in from the vendors.  As things accumulate, or if people have orders, we pull things off "the rack" and add them to their shipments.  Pretty fancy, huh?

This is where the Kreinik fibers live!  There are 4 sets of shelves where each and every color and size has it's very own little box.  As the shipments come in, we pull the backorders - and then put everything else away into their little boxes!

This is where the Stretcher Bars stay until they are ordered by our customers.  This is just the "Regular" type of stretcher bars - the Minis live on the other side of this shelf. 

Gloriana Chenille Trim! 

Have you seen how gorgeous this product is?  It is readily available in a bunch of colors.....and all I can say is AMAZING!  I thought it was only fitting to show you the RED, WHITE & BLUE pack in honor of Memorial Day.  It has a retail of $9.00, and it includes 10 yards of chenille!  Great for trimming summer pieces, or twisting together to make a very patriotic cord!  Item # GLT-CHE002

A couple notes on fabric availability 

Cashel Ice Blue - which was just used by Victoria's Sampler recently - this color has been discontinued by Zweigart, however, GOOD NEWS, we do carry Cashel Little Boy Blue, which is a great substitute for this piece. 

40ct Weeks Dye Works Linen - We are waiting for the 40ct base to come in from Italy, there has been a long delay on this fabric due to availability.  It is getting closer to being available again, so please be patient.  Rest assured as soon as it arrives back in stock, we will rush it out to Weeks, and they will get it dyed up really fast. 

R&R Reproductions Sheeps Straw Linen - we are ordering more from R&R, and they will get it dyed up as quickly as possible.  I know this color is in high demand all the time, and it has been used a TON of times by Blackbird Designs!  Well, just a little note to tell you that if you don't want to wait for the Sheeps Straw - Weeks Dye Works' Parchment Linen is very close in color, and would be a suitable substitute. 

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